ISI Privacy Statement

1. Privacy Policy

ISI (collectively "we", "our", "us") regard your right to privacy with utmost importance. We protect all personal data provided by our clients in accordance with applicable laws and policies againts unlawful or unathorized access, use, alteration, destruction, and processing.

This page outlines our policies in relation to the collection, use, alteration, destruction, and protection of your personal data. The following privacy policy may be revised in the future in the event of changes in applicable laws, and company policy. As we aim to provide the best Customer Experience, all clients will be notified whenever the Privacy Policy of the company will be revised.

2. Your rights as a Client

ISI recognizes the fundamental right of every client ("you", "customer") under the Data Privacy Act of 2012

You have the right to be informed whether your personal data will be, being or have been processed. By using any ISI technologies, services, or solutions, you accept the terms and conditions. In relation to this policy, you agree to the collection, use, processing of customer data;

You have the right to deny, object, or withhold your consent to the collection, usage, and processing of your data by ISI, or any ISI technologies, services, or solutions. However, ISI reserves the right to deny or terminate your subscription or use of any ISI technologies, services, or solutions. Without your data, ISI will not be able to provide you with the service you require effectively;

You have the right to file a complaint directly to any ISI authority in the event wherein you believe that your data privacy rights or personal information have been violated, mishandled, or misused. We encourage you the inform ISI immediately to resolve any complaints. You may contact us at